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Tender from Tsargift

The company Tsargift announces the tender
      in the application of scientific developments
      for the creation of diagnostic medical equipment.

We invite you to participate in an open 2-stages tender: implementation of scientific and technical documentation on the subject "Development of a device for non-invasive continuous measurement of blood glucose in the human body, regardless of the position of the body and the degree of activity."

Participants are invited to apply for a Russian or Ukrainian language application with personal data of authors and co-authors of the project, a description of its development and the project budget allocation.

The application shall be submitted in electronic form and sent to the following address: info@tsargift.com

Conditions of the tender:

1. The terms of the tender.

1.1. 1st stage filling the application. The application for the tender should be submitted from December 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014.

1.2. The selection of projects will be carried out before February 15, 2014.

1.3. 2nd stage interview with participants and determination of the project-nominee.

1.4. Announcement of the winner until March 15, 2014, contract signing.

2. The application FORM

2.1. Name of the project.

2.2. Name of the participant, contract details, working e-mail, education, specialty, sphere of interests, references.

2.3. Name of subcontractors, contact information, education, specialty, sphere of interests and references.

2.4. Description of the project.

2.5. The distribution of the budget and the schedule of funding.

3. Data for the mandatory reflection in the projects description:

3.1. Theoretical justification of the methods used.

3.2. Task statement.

3.3. Prospective approaches to solving.

3.4. Milestones and expected results.

3.5. Experimental section.

3.6. Justification of advantages over existing similar developments.

4. The participants and the project team.

4.1. In the application form, each party indicates composition of the team (collaborators), which will develop its concept and consists of all individuals who have reached twenty-one years at the time of application for the tender.

4.2. Preference is given to a team having in its composition the participant with a scientific degree or experience in similar projects.

4.3. The team should be composed of a person having a substantial experience in the development of hardware and software.

4.4. In the application must be specified team leader, which carries all the necessary communication with the Organizing Committee of Selection.

5. Requirements.

The selection of projects envisages the compliance with the following criteria:

5.1. The device must be designed for indoors and outdoors use, and have the ability to work offline for at least 24 hours.

5.2. The device is designed to measure and control the level of glucose in the body of the user.

5.3. All the actions performed by the device, including the analysis and diagnosis of the health of the user, do not imply the involvement of anyone other than the user.

5.4. The total weight of the device, including all of the components should not exceed 1 kg.

5.5. Display the results of continuous monitoring of user and upload the results on an ongoing basis to the cloud data.

5.6. Participants selection may suggest the diagnosis or measurement of any other indicators, providing sufficient evidence of validation measurements.


Laser tonometr - LASERTON 02

Cardio Guard 4D

Glucose Portable Analyzer GPA 3X