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Purpose of use:

Cardio Guard 4D saves lives!

the statistics of cardiovascular diseases, prepared by researchers from the University of Lausanne for the World Health Organization, stipulate that in Russia 57% of total mortality is caused by cardiovascular diseases. Only because of the myocardial infarction from every 100 thousand inhabitants die annually 330 men and 154 women. It is very high figure among the developed countries of the world. In Russia, cardiovascular disease kills 1 million 300 thousand people per year. In the United States, each year, 900 thousand people get acute myocardial infarction, about 225,000 of them die, including 125 thousand of those who die before receiving medical care (based on the American Society of Cardiology). In the UK, according to the British Medical Journal, among people who have had myocardial infarction, 36% of all heart attacks were fatal, from 311,419 fatal heart attacks in 70% of cases death occurred prior to admission ...

Developed software and hardware Cardio Guard 4D is designed to overcome this disappointing statistic.

Cardio Guard 4D is an innovative medical software and hardware platform that allows to monitor the status of cardio-patients in any place at any time. Cardio Guard 4D is also an emergency response system in cases of danger to life: the use of non-invasive injection mechanism, the urgent alert healthcare workers about the infarct or preinfarct status of the patient.

Description of the Cardio Guard 4D complex

Hardware-software complex Cardio Guard 4D includes:

Special Underwear Lingerie with integrated sensors

Bracelet with software, executive injection mechanism and communication systems

Customer support, implemented through the WEB-site

Technologies used

Built-in software:



Server software:

PHP / Zend Framework




24/7 online monitoring of patients

remote diagnostics of preinfarct and infarct states

determination of the exact location of the patient (by geographical GPS coordinates)

notification in real-time to physician and health-care workers about myocardial

Call emergency services (ambulance) to designated address

Maintaining the patient's life by provided injectable systems prior to ambulance arrival

notification about the case happened to relatives through social networks with the issuance of the complete information about the patient.

The principle of operation of the complex Cardio Guard 4D

With sensors located on the underwear lingerie, Cardio Guard 4D allows to diagnose preinfarct and infarct condition of the person in real time. Through the built-in medical software is determined the heart condition and there is taken the decision on the use of one or more drugs:

analgesics (to relieve pain);

antiarrhythmics (for arrhythmia);

hypotensive and hypertensive patient (with arterial hypertension).

Then the actuator receives the order to make the required injection. The set of drugs can be changed by the attending medical doctor.

Built in the bracelet data transmission system, using the 3G coverage, in real time, sends notification on the monitor of dispatcher about the incident and patients location coordinates. The dispatcher initiates the arrival of the ambulance.

The bracelet functions, in addition to data processing from drugs injection by non-invasive infectors and connection to the dispatcher, include measurement of blood pressure and heart rate.

A very important feature when measuring blood pressure - built innovative technology device allows measurements without squeezing the blood vessel, thus, the vessel is not deformed. This greatly affects the accuracy of the results and patient comfort.

Thanks to the integration with social networks and automatic SMS/messenger service, all the relatives are promptly notified about the incident and the location of the patient.


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Cardio Guard 4D

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