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Our mission: to save lives.

Our goal is to be the first on the market of innovative medical technology.

Tsargift is the company that combines not only the idea of saving lives and professionalism of our employees, but also new approaches to global issues that are based on scientific research and the latest computer technologies.

Currently the financing source for our innovations comes from companys own funds, Tsargift. To expand the production and implementation of projects in the health care market requires additional financial resources.

Dear investors!
We propose together with us to be the first on the market of medical innovative technologies and enter the future of our medicine right today!

We successfully collaborate with the leading universities in Russia and Ukraine, involving the interaction of well-known scientists, specialized professionals in medicine and consultants on various issues. At the moment, particularly closely we collaborate with the professor and renowned scientist in the field of cardiology Mr. Yabluchansky N.I. and several scientists from Kharkiv National University Karazina.

Our team involves best experts - designers and developers of medical equipment and software, with many years of experience in domestic and foreign companies. In particular, during the 6 years, our leading designer has been the head of the design office in the largest Israeli medical equipment factory.

Absolutely all of products and digital solutions of "Tsargift" company, in one or another way, do not have analogues in the world. We use such scientific developments, which yesterday were fiction, but today became a reality in our projects. The results of market research and surveys conducted by us and our partners in the market of medical technology confirm the relevance and demand of our projects.

We offer our customers unique solutions that can:

conduct round the clock monitoring of psycho-physiological and medical condition of the person;

promptly inform the doctor about all the information on the state of his patients;

ensure the timely arrival of the rescue ambulance in case of need;

directly save lives by using smart and portable computer systems.

We present to the market a unique patented technology that radically changes the perception of modern medicine. We strive not only to save the life of their patients, but also to prevent critical situations by analyzing the current state and the interactive exchange of information with health professionals.

All our designs are fully prepared for the implementation and entry to the market of medical services, having all the manufactured and tested prototypes.

We would like to introduce several products:

Cardio Guard 4D Innovative hardware and software platform for the monitoring of cardiovascular patients and emergency response in the event of acute infarct and preinfarct condition.

Laser tonometr LASERTON 02 multifunctional device measuring pressure and other vital signs.

Glucose Portable Analyzer 3 a portable blood glucose meter. Our products use the global information space for timely notification of the patient, doctors, relatives and other interested patients about the problem. We use modern satellite positioning to determine the exact location of our patients. This ensures the provision of first aid, even in those regions where is difficult or completely impossible to call the independent doctor.

Our products are not only focused on older people with natural health problems, but also on young people with an active lifestyle who practice extreme sports. Our developed portable system for monitoring and life support share a common vision and allow our patients to effectively avoid any negative effects of chronic or acquired diseases.

Basic properties and qualities of the products are:

easy to use: do not require special skills and training, have an intuitive interface;

consume small amounts of electricity;

made from environmentally friendly products;

do not require special consumer service.

We provide our clients with all necessary information about our products, we offer maintenance of our equipment and guarantee quality control of our products. Becoming our customer, you can rely on the timely notification about any new software or hardware released by our company. Competent technical support will gladly provide comfortable use of the developed devices. We possess all necessary certification according to the international law and the laws of the Russian Federation.

We help our customers to extend their life. By becoming our partner, you make the right choice!

If you are interested in our projects, have any questions or counter offers, if you want to know more from our documentation and business plans, please contact us right now, in any convenient manner.

Tsargift saves lives!!


Laser tonometr - LASERTON 02

Cardio Guard 4D

Glucose Portable Analyzer GPA 3X