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Function of laser tonometer:

Traditional methods of blood pressure measurement is based on discrete measurements and do not always reflect accurate values, do not reflect the change over time. This complicates the quality of diagnosis, selection of drugs.

The proposed instrument for pressure measuring - Laser tonometer Laserton solves this problem by producing high-precision measurements and fixing their numeric values in real time. This helps the doctor to carry out an objective diagnosis of diseases, to collect and effectively use the information at all stages of the treatment process, which is a valuable contribution to scientific knowledge and practical development of medical science.

Device description:

The laser is designed as a tonometer wide bracelet with ergonomic adjustable buckles. On the outer part for convenient viewing is placed the touch screen, which displays the current time as the electronic clock. The control of the tonometer functions is done by touching the screen with your finger.

We took care to make the icons and the control system itself intuitive, which is important for learning how to use the device, especially for older patients.


Laser tonometer is a multifunctional device capable of measuring the following vital signs:

Х systolic and diastolic blood pressure;

Х frequency, rhythm, heart rate variability;

Х body temperature.

A distinctive feature, a very important for the process of blood pressure measurement Ц the device takes measurements without squeezing the blood vessel, so the vessel is not deformed. This greatly affects the accuracy of the results and patient comfort.

In addition to measuring the above parameters, Laserton performs the following core functions:

Х records the values in its memory;

Х keeps a history of changes and tracks the performance of measurement results;

Х synchronizes with your PC and provides an online access to the data of measurements;

Х systolic and diastolic pressure is removed with an accuracy of 1-10% in real time, with the construction of graph in real time.

We took into consideration the possibility of using the same apparatus Laserton by several people at a time, for example, by members of one family. Laser tonometer requires customization for each person separately. Individual settings are stored in memory. Thus, we need only to switch to the desired setting.

Technologies used

Built-in software:

Х —/C++

Х Assembler

—ерверное программное обеспечение:

Х PHP / Zend Framework



Principle of operation

On the back of the wrist on the inside of the bracelet is a sensitive unit with built-in software. The laser beam pulse is sent to the walls of blood vessels and is reflected in the host matrix. The resulting signal is processed, converted into a digital value, which is visualized on the screen in the form of numerical values and graphic information.

The implementation of this unique technology is based on the latest innovative developments in the design of medical devices and in the field of high-tech information.


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